CORE LAYER I - Sporting Coverage

The first interconnected platform for sports worldwide.
In the palm of your hand, Sports Ledger will deliver users aggregated data in an innovative and entertaining manner on an array of wide ranging coverage across the following sports:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Tennis

Sports Ledger will also integrate the future coverage of all of the world's major sports ranging across:

  • Rugby
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Horse Racing
  • Boxing
  • numerous other sports

Sports Ledgers virtual assistants (Chat-bots) will respond to fan and customer inquiries across a wide range of topics including live game information, team stats and arena logistics. A platform to entertain whilst allowing fans to enjoy technological and visual capabilities, delving into unreachable granular data in a uniquely distinctive, interesting way.

CORE LAYER II - Next Generation Predictive Sporting Analytics

Sports Ledgers collection of Global Sporting Data will allow for the development of advanced sporting analytics for SPSL token holders.

The next era of disruption and development is how big data collected through integrative processes will be used most effectively.

Sports Ledger will effectively implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through next-generation prescriptive and augmented analytics to provide enhanced statistics and future predictive outcomes crucial to predicting vast sporting probabilities.
Some examples:

  • Actual and Potential sporting professionals and collective team productivity.
  • Predictive probability of sporting outcomes for superior odds.
  • Sporting professionals health and physical conditions from competitive outputs.
  • Red flagging potential injury warnings of sporting professionals (assets).

Presented via accurate visual outcomes on a simple user-interface, delivering users a rich understanding of sporting data unseen before.

CORE LAYER III - User-Centricity For Digital Fans Within Our Global Community

Sports Ledger acknowledges the supremacy of digital fans. Empowering individuals to monetise from their personal data by sharing their interactions through photos and videos at sporting events.

Sports Ledger will provide a token and decentralised platform user-interface for secure personal data sharing. Allowing any Sports Ledger user and sporting fan to have greater control of their personal data, digital identity, online privacy ultimately through the Sports Ledger platform whereby they would be better compensated for providing other users access to their personal data using our innovative utility token.

According to AVAYA’s study in 2016, fans are creating an exponential amount of digital media while they are attending sporting events:

  • 89% of fans with mobile devices at the game use their devices to take photos of others, which tops the list of digital media.
  • 71% are proud to admit that they like to take 'selfies', while the same proportion post on social media.
  • 63% of those 35 and over admitting to sharing on social media, but that increases to a significant 90% of 18-34 year olds who post content on social media while at the stadium.

In practical terms Sports Ledger will provide all users, fans and participants with an opportunity to benefit through a new and exciting community, with crypto-graphic guarantees delivering complete control, protection and authority on what matters most - their data and digital identity.

CORE LAYER IV - Creating a reward system involving fans and clubs

The SPSL token will facilitate the frictionless interconnectivity of fans, clubs and organisations worldwide and enable direct communication and interaction.

Enabling fans to vote on key decisions for their club in real-time, whether it’s decisions a club should make, its starting 11, a man of the match, a desired substitution, the Sports Ledger community will have its say - in real time.

Sports Ledger will also allow for the reward of fan loyalty and club digital community engagement, with discounts provided from clubs through the platform to users on match day tickets, live events or club merchandise seamlessly executed and delivered.

Further delivering clubs with data analytics to gather accurate statistics for each event on the behavioural profile of the type of fan attending in a depersonalised manner.

Secure and ‘opt-in’ Digital profiling based on a users criteria for sharing and consumer behaviour patterns will generate digital data identities within the platform. Global corporations can review these digital identities and then communicate directly with them via an advertisement, providing the identity of the user SPSL tokens for the privilege.

The disintermediation of the sporting advertisement world is here.

CORE LAYER V - Nano, Biometrics, Wearable Tech And IoT Devices

The use of AI and machine learning through the intersecting of Biometric wearable Tech in conjunction with IoT devices will gather incredibly modernised data.

Sports Ledger delivers a world where aspiring youngsters and elite sporting professionals develop and continue to thrive through the latest wearable technologies. Done so within a platform which accurately monitors their capabilities and records their strengths and weaknesses throughout their career to pin point specific areas for necessary developments.

Implementation of these technologies will allow:

  • Secure recording of young and senior sporting professionals training and live performances without physical documents, through the modernised transparency of Blockchain.
  • The power of immutable data will optimize sporting professionals training and performances through the use of visually enhanced analytics across private and public peer-to-peer connectivity.
  • Allowing for a platform that encourages sport to be re-watched from the perspective of the professional athlete fitted with Nano, Biometric wearable technology.
  • Records of granular biometric health and training statistics and historical performances.