Introducing Sports Ledger

Sports Ledger (SPSL): A revolutionary token that will empower a wave of innovation in the world of sports, allowing users to access an innovative, data-driven platform that utilizes the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Smart Contracts. SPSL will serve as the platform’s utility token, providing access to a variety of services and rewarding users who contribute towards the success of the ecosystem.

By following a strategised implementation for sustainable growth, Sports Ledgers user-interface will go further just being an innovative sports data hub. The Sports Ledger platform is based on a series of core innovations layers that will leverage the power of new technologies to enrich users’ experiences. Amongst this suite of technologies are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which will provide accurate predictive analytics. In addition, Blockchain and Smart Contracts will serve as the backbone of the ecosystem, allowing tokens to be transferred by way of rewards between platform users. Biometric data will also be stored on the platform in a tamper-resistant manner, allowing athletes to create their own digital passports and to share this information with select users.

"Sports Data is King"

Data is the digital oil that fuels the Sports Ledger platform. Sports Ledger will aggregate high-quality data in order to provide users with intuitive visualisations, predictive analytics and insights into athletes’ biometrics. Sports Ledger is built on the core principle that access to sports data should not be as complicated or inaccessible as it currently is. We want to enrich the experience of sports fans and platform users by enabling them to interact and learn from the platform’s innovative data tools.

By incorporating a variety of data tools, the Sports Ledger platform will offer a range of benefits to a variety of stakeholder groups from all around the world, including academic researchers, sporting institutions, professional athletes, clubs, coaches, managers, scouts, agents and, most importantly, sports fans. Users will only need a smart device (laptop or phone) and the platform’s key - SPSL tokens - to form part of this revolution. Thereafter, these users will gain access to a cutting-edge platform that relies on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Smart Contracts to secure data, offer new insights and reward meaningful contributions. As the first-movers in this space, we expect the number of platform users to grow at a fast rate thanks to the network effect.

The current data-sharing ecosystems within the world of sports are severely outdated and fragmented. Against this backdrop, Sports Ledger will be effective in overcoming legacy burdens and cumbersome procedures that are currently used to access sports data. This paradigmatic shift in the aggregation, processing and analysis of data will prevent decisions from being based on low-quality data, reduce information costs and resolve disparities in the data.

Sports Ledger will expand into a range of pioneering services by gathering and analysing data efficiently and displaying advanced data analytics on a trusted platform. The initial data layer will provide visually-enhanced data in real-time to platform users, such as performance data, games played, team and individual statistics, score counts, matches, goals, assists, minutes played, shot accuracy, passing accuracy and time played.

Sports Ledgers next-generation analytics will use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to predict sporting outcomes, player and team performances, match conditions and application of accurate scientific approaches to identify health and wellness of sports professionals, along with variables such as training outputs and physical conditions which are seldom not recorded or distributed to fans.

Sports Ledger will also allow social sports communities to emerge, where fans can interact with clubs in a heartfelt manner and receive rewards for their contributions within the platform. In addition, Sports Ledger will allow professional athletes to record their biometric data to provide valuable insights and to generate digital passports that they can directly own and monetise.

At Sports Ledger, we acknowledge the value added by loyal sports supporters and realise that digitally connected fans are a sporting venue’s biggest online influencers. As such, the Sports Ledger platform will allow fans to upload their experiences for a more personalized engagement within the sporting world. In turn, clubs can reward users who contribute to their success by sharing impactful content via discounts, tickets and merchandise.

Sports Ledger intends to lead the sports data revolution. Never before has such a vast amount of high-quality data and analytics been accumulated on a single platform that is accessible to a wide range of stakeholder groups by means of a smart device.