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Token Sale Details

Sports Ledger (SPSL Tokens) A revolutionary sporting token for the future of next generation analytics and sporting interactions on a technologically advanced platform and user-interface that incorporates the use of Blockchain based digital currencies.

Pre-ITO - 1st November 2018 to 27th December 2018
ITO - 27th December 2018 to 21st February 2019

Bounty Allocation


Total Token allocated for the Sports Ledger bounty will be 3,125,000 SPSL Tokens.
(Equivalent to over 2000 ETH)

General Rules

  • All Airdrop SPSL tokens will be delivered after End of ITO.
  • Participants must promote Sports Ledger throughout the Pre-ITO and ITO.
  • We reserve our right to eliminate participants who do not abide by the rules, including dishonest, incorrect, spam, false details, fraudulent imitation and manipulative behavior.
  • We reserve the right to change Airdrop campaign rules.
  • Duplicate applications / participants will be removed from campaign.
Airdrop Apply


  • What is your ETH Address? - 3 tokens
  • Join our Telegram group ( - 10 tokens
    What is your Telegram @username so we can verify your username in our group.
  • Follow us on Twitter ( - 7 tokens
    What is your Twitter @username so we can verify your handle on our profile
  • Join our Facebook page ( - 7 tokens
    Provide your URL link to your Facebook profile so we can verify your profile in our group.
  • Follow our Instagram page ( - 5 tokens
    What is your Instagram @username so we can verify your profile on our page
  • Subscribe to our YouTube chanel ( - 5 tokens
    Provide your URL link to your YouTube profile so we can verify your profile in our channel.
  • Follow us on Medium ( - 3 tokens
    What is your Medium @username so we can verify your profile on our page
  • What is your Full Name? - 2 tokens
  • What Country are you from? - 2 tokens
  • What is your Email address? - 2 tokens
  • Share the link to this form on social media before submitting - 4 tokens
    Add a link to your social media post or tweet share. We'll add an extra 4 tokens to your airdrop amount!



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